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The Pacific Islands have, for decades, been a popular destination for honeymoon couples and families. This is great and the islands are well decked out for this crowd. But what about the solo traveller? Is there such a thing as a solo traveller to the Pacific Islands?


Travelling solo can be tough but the Pacific islands are one of the best areas of the world to travel alone. With so many islands to visit, cultures to absorb and sunsets to watch, who needs a travel buddy when there are 2.3 million people to make friends with in this pocket-sized paradise.

Travelling the Pacific Islands as a solo traveller is much like travelling anywhere else in the world. There are pros and cons to hitting the road alone but, believe us, the good far outweighs the bad.

Here are some tips on how to travel the Pacific Islands as a Solo Traveller;

Check the Single Supplement 
Like we said, the Pacific Islands are well kitted out for honeymoon couples and as such, many islands and hotels have a hefty single supplement in place for solo travellers. We get it, but it’s still kinda annoying.

Unlike in Asia or Europe, there aren’t that many cheap and cheerful hostels in the Pacific Islands meaning even the solo traveller has to opt for a hotel, B&B or homestay. These are always beautiful and your hosts beyond generous; just double check the single supplement sitch before you book.

Off the Beaten Track vs On
The Pacific Islands are wondrous, enchanting places to explore but because many visitors seldom stray further than their island and so logistical information for the more intrepid traveller can be hard to come by.

Sticking to the beaten track is easy, affordable and fun. There are some areas of the Pacific Islands that feel really touristy though. Our advice would be to have a rough plan in place before you travel but be open to changing it as you can more local knowledge. Have one or two days in a touristy area and make the effort to get chatting with local people; find out their secret, hidden gems and their top tips for getting about.

Starting up a conversation with local people in the Pacific Islands is so easy and they are very friendly and welcoming. You may be traveling solo but you’ll have countless new friends by the end of your trip.

As far as safety goes, the Pacific Islands are about as safe as it gets. That said, don’t let your guard down too far or do anything that you wouldn’t do at home. If you get drunk, get a taxi back to your accommodation, if you do walk stick to well lit streets. Don’t bring all your valuables to the beach if you’re planning on going for a swim is another good idea. You’ll seldom find anyone who is out to rip you off but if you are made to feel uncomfortable don’t be shy to raise the alarm.

As solo travelers ourselves, this is one reason why we created SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI if you’re wanting to team up with 200 like minded people check out our destinations here otherwise solo traveler, all love and respect be on your merry way! The Pacific Islands are incredible and we know you’ll have an awesome time!