Launched in 2012, TourismHQ is New Zealand’s industry leader in experiential travel!

What is SPRING BREAK Experience FIJI?

SPRING BREAK Experience FIJI was created in 2012 by TourismHQ to deliver a world class experience without the costs and risks associated with travelling to the likes of Bali and Thailand.

In working with our suppliers during Fiji’s shoulder seasons and using a bulk buying approach the team at TourismHQ were able to create a bucket list ticking experience like no other AND for a price unmatched in the Pacific!

Add in the $50 deposit and payment plans, for less than $6/day, and it’s easy to see why this trip has sold out every year in a matter of hours!

Experience FIJI for?


What’s Included!

We have everything sussed for your trip of a lifetime!

Additional Free Activities

If you're keen to take it easy on the wallet, you're all set here - welcome to paradise!
In amongst all the free partying and events we also have on offer;

Add On’s

We have some amazing add ons if you wish to go all in on your SPRING BREAK Experience!
All these add on's can also be thrown on your payment plan too!

Culture & Community

With our own exclusively chartered island with 200 likeminded individuals, this experience delivers a feeling of community and belonging like no other.

Each arriving as individual explorers we depart each year as family with the most epic of memories!

The Fijian lifestyle only further adds to all of this with pride in culture and belief in family and community, together with the team of Beachcomber we embrace this throughout the week with kava ceremonies to traditional Lovo cooked by the staff of the island!

With this incredible hospitality we in turn are blessed to have children from the local area of Vuda meet us at Beachcomber on our final day to giveback with books, stationary and sporting equipment for an afternoon of music, laughter and sports!

Our Team

We fly in a hard-working team for each trip which includes nurses, lifeguards, security and DJ’s in addition to our event management team who all work alongside our outstanding colleagues at Beachcomber Island Resort!

If you’re interested in joining the team register your details here.

If you’d like to read more on how important safety is to us check out our safety page here.

Further Questions

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