How To Travel the Pacific Cheap – SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI

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It is fair to say that the Pacific is not one of the cheapest corners of the world to travel in and around.  A firm favourite destination for honeymoon couples and families, travelling cheap is far from easy!

Wondering why SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is so cheap? Here’s your answer!

Having had decades of experience in the tourism industry we know there are ways and means of travelling the Pacific cheap, we’ll share a few of our secrets with you.

Go All Inclusive 
All Inclusive is the way to go in the Pacific Islands. Shopping around for the best, most-inclusive deal is a good idea. If you want to stick to the beaten track and have an easy as holiday, all-inclusive is the best option.

What’s more, in the Pacific Islands you will struggle to find better value for money, nor a better location. It’s true that in South East Asian countries like Thailand that the all-inclusive islands shelter you from a cheaper, arguably more authentic experience but this is not the case in the Pacific.

Travel Together 
Being a largely honeymoon and family holiday oriented market many hotels and islands demand a single supplement effectively be paid by solo travelers using up one of their rooms. By travelling together as SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI not only do you avoid these added extras but spilt the costs across 200 others for a cheaper AND more epic experience.

Travelling together means that taxi costs, hotel costs and even meal costs are cheaper overall too…that’s if you share a pizza!

Pick the Right Island for You 
Picking the right island for you can, in fact, help save you money. If you want to dive and snorkel don’t waste your time heading to an island where there is little to no coral left and the fishes have all been eaten up! SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is in a prime location…just FYI!

Go in the Low Season
Why do you think SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is so affordable? ‘Tis in the spring! This is the calm before the storm in the Pacific, as the islands and hotels are making the final touches ready for summer they’re effectively operating in shoulder season!

What are shoulder season prices? During the quieter months, groups of our size are so incredibly welcomed by hotels and islands to help cover costs of which we can pass on the savings! In the high season they need to make up for lost time and create a decent profit to carry them through the next winter so they wind up the prices again. Means we are also doing our part making sure the Tourism industry in the islands is still getting travelers through in their quieter times!
Tourism Industry 101, thankfully that gap was there for the Pacific and we’ve been able to package it up for our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI!


SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI with us is legit the cheapest way to travel the Pacific, so what are you waiting for?! Pick your destination, assemble your crew and book your spot at the greatest party getaways the Pacific has ever seen…you won’t regret it!