TRAVEL INSURANCE – Why you need it, and where to get it!

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Spring Break™ Experience FIJI

Before we go any further, we want to make it clear that while we like Cover-More, we have no working association with Cover-More, which means we receive no direct or indirect benefit as a result of you or anybody else signing up to a Cover-More Travel Insurance policy.

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To learn more about why you need insurance and why we recommend Cover More, read on below!

Insurance when travelling is so so vital! We never think it will happen to us, but sometimes things hit the fan and you’ll find yourself up shit creek without a paddle.

Trust us on this one, you should always have travel insurance.  We’re so convinced of this, we’ve made travel insurance compulsory for joining us on SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI.

There are enough travel insurance providers in the market to give you some choice, enough so that it can be pretty confusing.  That’s probably why we’re often asked which travel insurance policy and provider we recommend.  But like anything, everyone’s situation is different. So, it’s important that you understand how any travel insurance policy operates, for your situation.

If you’re looking for our recommended travel insurance provider, well, we like Cover-More Travel Insurance.

What is it that we like about Cover-More? Well straight off the bat, Cover-More Travel Insurance says – subject to all its terms and conditions of course – it covers:

  • Overseas medical and dental bills

  • Luggage loss

  • Travel documents

  • Delayed luggage allowance

  • Travel delay or cancellation costs

  • Unexpected travel costs

  • Loss of income

  • Accidental injury or death

  • Personal liability


Having travel insurance which provides cover for travel delay and cancellation is definitely worth its weight in gold at SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI.  Especially if one of the South Pacific’s famous tropical cyclones arrives out of the blue to stir everything up, and then shut it all down for 48 hours or so.

Cover-More Travel Insurance also says that it covers you in the event that you do yourself mischief when out having fun horse riding, snorkelling, paragliding, parasailing, or jet boating, just to name a few activities it covers.  We like that because we know that you aren’t flying to paradise to read a book on the beach!

Our Team likes Cover-More Travel Insurance, because in the event that you need medical care, there is only one telephone number that we have to call to ask for help.

Whether its Cover-More Travel Insurance or any other, make sure you understand how the policy works, and what that means for you, before you sign up. But most of all, make sure that you get travel insurance before you head off to SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI !!

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