Step by Step Guide to Booking a Trip – SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI

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Booking a trip can be total chaos if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you do know what you’re doing the chances of things going Pete Tong are still pretty high.

Panic not SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Trippers, not only have we made the whole process absolutely foolproof but we’ve created this step-by-step guide too. 

Aren’t we nice?!

1. Your Accommodation

As you know by now, here at SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI we only pick the best island in the Fiji to host our event. What’s even better? We charter out the whole island giving you and your crew exclusive access to the hottest of hotspots this spring!

So now you know you’re staying in your own exclusive island charter you can decide what room you want. Word to the wise, decide quickly, you don’t want your chosen accommodation to be snapped up by some other cheeky bugger!

Whether you chose the Oceanview Bure or a Party Dorm, think about whether you wanna be bunking up with your crew or you fancy a little more space to do your own thing.

There are some pretty romantic rooms for all you lovers out there and solo spots are winning tickets to meet like-minded legends too!

2. Pick Your Wave

All our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI are so damn popular that we run them over 4-6 weeks. The next step in booking your SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is to figure out what dates you wanna go! (We call them ‘waves’ just to make things a bit more difficult).

Things to think about though; if you need to book time off work run the dates passed your boss first then book. Also, if you’re traveling with mates make sure they’re all on board for the same week and their bosses have given the go-ahead too.

By boss, we also mean parents, boyfriends and girlfriends! You know, the real bosses!

3. Pay Your Deposit and Secure Your Space

Accommodation Style? Tick!

Date Decided? Tick!

Now standby for your code! Securing your spot on your SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is super easy and super cheap. You just need $50 to secure your place at the best parties the Pacific has ever seen.

You’ll just need your credit or debit card at the ready! When you get your access code you’ll be set to go!!

So there you have it guys and gals, we’ve made the booking process easy as! 

Once you’ve ticked off these boxes all you’ve gotta do is start counting down the days ’til take off to your paradise!