Spring Break™ Experience FIJI – Spending Money Guide

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Aha, you bright young thing! You want to make a budget for you SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI, don’t you? Good job you’ve come to the right place, we’ve collected the costs of each activity to help you budget effectively and not call upon the Bank of Mum & Dad!

Travel Insurance

Talking of Mum & Dad they’re right! You gotta get yourself covered by travel insurance! We have made SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI as safe and secure as possible but shit happens guys! Get fully comprehensive cover, leave the details with someone you trust at home and forget all about it!

Budget for the Booze…

The first question on everybody’s lips! The Fijian Dollar is 1 to 0.68 New Zealand Dollar and drinks prices are pretty much the same as New Zealand. On average a beer is $9 and a spirit mixer is between $8-10.

SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI wanna make sure you don’t end up outta pocket so there’ll be a nightly happy hour with brilliant drinks deals.

Don’t forget you can bring one bottle of liquor into Fiji from Duty Free…and as many mixers as you damn well want (remember the 23kg baggage allowance!).

If you’re anything like us you’ll wanna chuck some snacks in your bag too. Food at SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is in no short supply but hungry can turn to hangry pretty damn quick..right?!


We love Fiji ‘cus there is so much to do, we promise you won’t get bored, not even for a moment! To get the most out of your time in Fiji you’ll need a little extra spending money for the awesome extra activities, let’s take a look!


Snorkelling is technically free! You do however have to put down a $25 refundable deposit.


On the jet skis you can go solo or tandem. A 15-minute solo session is $140 or $180 for both in a tandem sesssion.

If you wanna fly for 30-minutes solo you’ll have to pay $180, or $220 for the pair. Such great value for money and all the fun, we promise!


Get that six-pack at the ready! SUP is becoming increasingly popular and we love it. Well, we love watching you lot fall off! A 30-minute session is just $30 or hiring a board and paddle for an hour is $50.


Not got the six-pack at the ready? What about your biceps and triceps? In all honesty, you don’t really expend much energy kayaking in Fiji! Just paddle at a gentle pace from bay to bay…sunbathing on the move!

Single kayaks cost $15 for 30-minutes or $25 for an hour. Double kayaks are available too for $20 for 30-minutes, $30 for the hour.


Some may say that parasailing is the most fun you can have in the air, they clearly have never heard of the mile high club. Parasailing is the most fun you can legally have in the air then! Bloody good value for money at $100 for 10-15 minutes solo or $180 if you go up as a pair.

So, if you were to do all these activities, solo, for the maximum amount of time you would need to put aside $535.

In all honesty, you probs won’t spend that much on extras as joining with others reduces the cost. Easy as!

One thing that does catch people out is data roaming…switch it off while you’re still at Auckland airport! There is wifi at the resort so you’ll never be without a connection, except when you’re on the plane!

Remember that you’ll need to be able to give over $500 FJD as a bond on the room. As long as you don’t trash the place refunded at check-out. This can be in cash or on a card.