Why is SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI So Cheap?

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You may be wondering why our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI experiences are so cheap. That’s a very good question!

Now, we’re not gonna give away all our secrets but there are some common-sense reasons why we are able to make SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI so cheap.

We’ll admit, we don’t like the word cheap…cheap suggests tacky, a bit shit. There is nothing remotely shit about SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI, just ask our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Legends! No, we prefer the ultimate value for money.

This isn’t us spinning you a yarn, SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI really is phenomenal value for money, in fact, 98% of our guests agreed from our post-party survey last year!

Let’s break it down;

Low Season


The clue is in the name really, SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI! Tourist hotspots in the Pacific experience a serious lull in the low season. In the springtime, they are keen to get guests in.

In this lull period, resorts charge less for their rooms and services in order to balance the books. This is why prices spike in the busy, popular travel times because they want to maximise profit in order to survive through the next low period.

Peaks and troughs…introduction to the hotel trade, done! We pass on the savings!!


Buying in Bulk


When buying products to add to your package we are buying in bulk. 200 plane tickets or 120 rooms at the resort for example. Just like when you head to the cash and carry the more you buy the more you save, same principle here.

We book out the whole resort and guarantee the resort owners that we will fill it. They decide on how much they’re gonna charge us and we cough up. Again savings passed on to you! #Goodtimes

Exclusive and private island charters…we flash the cash and it’s yours for the week!


Logistically Easy


Just like buying 200 seats on the plane we also arrange 200 seats on our private chartered transport. Why would we arrange 200 individual taxi rides when we can book a 98foot chartered yacht and a collection of coaches?

Not only do you get to travel in style in a private charter vehicle but we get to keep costs down too.


Everyone Wants a Piece of the Action 


Because everyone wants a piece of the action we know we will fill over 90% of our spots so we can calculate our outgoing costs before packages even go on sale. With that in mind we can calculate our best price for you knowing that we will always be in the black. Sorted.


Always Great Value for Money 


So those reasons explain why SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI experiences are so cheap, how is it good value for money> Because we’ve managed to keep the basic spending to a minimum (airfares, accommodation etc) we have a bigger budget to book bigger and better artists.

We also get to get wildly creative flying in fun from all over the world to create one-off unique experiences that you’d otherwise never get to enjoy! #GOODFKNTIMES

Where else in the world can you have access to some of the biggest DJs on the circuit, your own private island charter, luxury accommodation, airfares, tropical breakfast buffet, outrageous parties all in the paradise pocket of the world, all starting for $1,499pp? #WHATINTHEACTUAL #THATSMATHBITCH

The answer is nowhere but SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI, bring on the good times. We are proud to offer you money can’t buy experiences, second to none atmosphere and, of course, the time of your life!