Packing Tips for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI

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Spring Break™ Experience FIJI

Packing for any trip doesn’t have to be a nightmare, believe us. On the other hand, however, you do need to put a bit of thought into it too. We have created some packing tips for the guys and the girls covering all that you need to bring with you. Once you’ve got all that stuff laid out on your bed don’t just shove it in your bag!

You’re better than that!

Here are some of our top packing tips to help you become the savviest SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Tripper we have ever seen!

Think About The Duration

SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is only five days long! We all wish it was a month but alas it’s five short but life-changing days.
With that in mind, you don’t need to pack eeeeeeeverything in your wardrobe. We all want an outfit for every occasion but in reality, you’ll spend most of your days in your boardies or bikini. Packing light is key for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI.

Be Airport Ready

Airport security can be a drag but being airport savvy saves you time, helps out the security staff and gets you through to the airport bar ASAP!
Make sure you have all your electronics in your hand luggage and your laptop/tablet and camera easy to pull out and shove in the separate tray.
Remember that any toiletries in your hand luggage have to be in a clear plastic bag and under 100ml in size.

Packing Cubes

We LOVE packing cubes! They make packing so much easier! They are super cheap and help to keep all your stuff in order. One for undies, one for shirts, one for tech and one for toiletries…you get what we’re at here.
We realise that either way, you’ll shove all your stuff back in your bag on the way home, but its good to try and keep things in order!

Travel Sized Stuff

Being away for five days means you don’t need to big full-sized bottles of shampoo, body wash etc. Now is the perfect excuse to stock up on the cute as mini toiletries.
Wanna save money…and the planet? Buy empty, reusable mini bottles that you can use again on next year’s SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI and fill them with your existing lotions and potions.

Roll, Don’t Fold

The golden rule for packing is to roll not to fold. Well, fold a bit. Like, just fold clothes in half and roll them up tight. This is for two good reasons;

Good Reason One – Stops clothes from creasing
Good Reason Two – Can pack more…but you’re packing light…remember?!

On that note, if you’re bringing shoes, shove your undies and socks in them to save space. Roll your perfume or aftershave bottle up in a t-shirt to keep it safe and sufficiently padded.


There are our packing tips to make getting your shit together ready for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI that bit easier!