Key SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Info for Parents

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Spring Break™ Experience FIJI

As parents chances are after years of changing nappies through to the moody teenage angst stage and endlessly forking out funds to get them on their own two feet you’re just about ready to send your little darling off to a remote island!

That..that we can do!

We appreciate that on paper SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI may seem like a parent’s worst nightmare! 200 18+ year olds with their own exclusively chartered island island, with the sole aim of partying like there is no tomorrow. We appreciate your concern!

Maybe you’ve seen The Inbetweeners Movie, maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s nothing like that!

In case you’re a bit sceptical or just a bit unsure about what SPRING BREAK Experience has in store for your offspring here is everything, as a parent, you need to know about SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI.

Our Team

Collectively we’ve been working in the Pacific for over 50 years, we really have seen it all. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that there is no travel problem that we can’t solve.

It is our staff to guest ratio that we lead the market on. Unlike many other providers across the world we have a large staff to guest ratio of over 1:10 on some trips, that’s not including the island staff either, who, if you’ve been to the Islands you’ll understand are beyond outstanding.

We fly over which each group a team of nurses, lifeguards and security to ensure sure that everyone is happy, safe and healthy. In all honesty, for this team, the trip is the highlight of their year for they seldom get called upon. That said, they are always ready to go should their services get called upon. It goes without saying, but we only work with the best in the business.

The Logistics

We thought back to our first travel experiences without our folks and compiled a list of everything that went wrong. We found there were running themes on our lists and we’ve worked to eliminate them entirely.

When we say that our guests only have to turn up at the Airport we really mean it. We have everything covered from there. Get on the plane to the Pacific, coaches waiting at the airport and exclusively chartered islands ready to provide our guests the time of their lives. Then again in reverse to see them safely home to the Airport.

There is no worrying about lost tickets or missing buses, we’ve got it all covered.

The Drinking

We know this is a primary concern for parents and fair enough. Rest assured that we never permit drinking to excess, nor is it encouraged. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with the time of their life and this includes being able to remember it in the morning!
Our bar staff and team keep a close eye on everyone and liaise with each other if they think a guest needs to take a break from the booze.
Learning your limits is something of a rite of passage when it comes to SPRING BREAK Experience but our goal is to have a good time, not to push the limits of anyone’s alcohol intake.
You can read one of the emails each guest receives as we build up to our trips here to get an idea of our approach.


At the same time, SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI has to recognise that our guests are legally adults (18+) and that they are old enough and ugly enough to sort themselves out!

Our approach and limitations are set around educating and guiding our guests to make the best decisions to ensure they have the time of their lives and set them up with the skillset for travel further afield! That said, the SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI team are on-call 24-hours a day should they need assistance of any kind.

Staying in Touch

Despite the fact SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is on a remote Pacific island there is pretty decent Wi-Fi connection and roaming for all New Zealand Telco’s if you want to get in touch while they’re away you can do so.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss! Drop us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help put your mind at ease!