Why You Don’t Wanna Be the Party Chump

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So now you’ve got to grips with the six types of people you’ll meet on SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI it’s time to introduce you to the secret seventh. We’ll tell you now, this type of loser won’t last at our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI. This person is the Party Chump.

But surely SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is for everyone? We hear you cry. Yeah, true everyone is invited to join us in the Pacific to have the time of their life…except for the Party Chump.

Let’s give you a rundown on what the Party Chump is all about, we’re sure you’ll agree, we ain’t got no time for this….

4 Character Traits of the Party Chump;

Asking for Trouble
The Party Chump is a bit of a sly being, they think they’re above the law. The Party Chump is the sort of person who would do something to make them seem like the big shot but actually end up ruining a lot of people’s fun. Maybe even getting themselves kicked off the island.

The Party Chump forgets that their actions can land them in trouble with the local police who have full access to our events…as they should. The Party Chump is the sort of person who fancies their chances dicing with the rules rather than wanting everyone to have an epic time, it’s all about them – inherently insecure who try to offset it with ego, which makes it all so much more painful.

The Big Shot Loser Boozer
They still think that being cool is measured in how much alcohol they can drink and are unable to figure out when they start looking like a loser. They think that they can skull beers from midday ’til midnight, with shots in between, and still walk home in a straight line. They’re the ones that can’t stand straight, knocking into people, creeping about with drink spilt down the front of them.

What sort of loser wants to fight full stop, and then in all seriousness on holiday? Partying in the Pacific is all about peace and love; despite getting this memo in our six years of events we’ve had to send two people off for this – if you connect it’s non-negotiable, you’re out!

Creepy AF
Eughh, this one sends shivers down our spines. The Party Chump is shit at reading signals. Now, not reading the signs can be forgiven but ignoring a firm ‘no’ in response to their flirty *COUGH…seedy…COUGH* advances is just beyond forgivable. You’re never gonna get any if you’re forcing yourself on someone. To be fair, our team sniff out the Party Chump pretty quick in this case.

They may as well have DICKHEAD sharpied on their forehead.  However, if you see some chumpy action kicking on, give one of the team a shoulder tap and they’ll sort it out!

Remember, no means no, and don’t be a chump; get with the programme – with such a small group what goes around comes around 10 fold – make it all about the love and look after each other and we’ll all have the time of our lives!

Bring on the Love!