Cutest Beach Hairstyles for SPRING BREAK™ Experience

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Whether you have luscious long locks or a short pixie crop we know you’re gonna rock the beach babe look. If you’re looking for a little inspiration as to what to do with your mop during SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI you have come to the right place.

Here are a few super simple, super quick beach hairstyles for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI;

Messy Bun 
We all love a lazy, messy bun, right? Good job this is the perfect look for hanging out on the sun loungers, heading into the bar and those romantic midnight strolls at the beach.
You know the drill gals, not need to give you much more of a run down on the messy bun. If you wanna get the salon perfect finish, check out this tutorial.

Loose Side Braid 
This is another super easy and effortlessly gorgeous hairstyle for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI. We love the loose side braid because you don’t need any other than a hair comb and a tie.

If you want this look to last the day then give yourself a good squizz of hairspray before you hit the beach. Feeling extra SPRING BREAK Experience-y? Incorporeal a flower garland into the braid or wear it like a tiara; release your inner beach goddess!
Check out this tutorial to get the look perfected!

Salty Kissed Waves
When it comes to beach hairstyles for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI less really is more. If you’re not down for an up-do of any kind then leave your hair o’natural! The sea water will naturally make your hair start to wave a little.

If you don’t fancy showering the sea (fair enough!) then after you’ve completed your normal shampoo and conditioning routine give your hair a towel dry and a heart spritz of salt spray. We love salt spray and it is one of our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI essential beauty items!
Check out the tutorial here.

Double Buns
Not only are double buns dead cute, but perfect for a fun beach look and suitable for any hair length. There is an art to getting this cute hairstyle looking perfect so we’ve found a great tutorial for you. Wear them high, wear them low, wear them messy or neat! We don’t care! Get your buns out love!

Waterfall Braid 
Whether you’ve got short, long or mid-length hair the waterfall braid is a super cute SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI hairstyle. We’ll admit that it does take a bit of effort and a few trial and error attempts but once you’ve got the knack of it this will be your everyday look!
We’re no good at explaining, so just watch the tutorial