Beginner’s Guide to SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI

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SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is easy as, you don’t need to know much. When we say all you need to do is turn up to Auckland Airport we mean it.
For those of you who like to be a little more clued up on things then that’s great. We have created our Beginner’s Guide to SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI so you can rock up to AKL with all the info you need and more!

Given you’re a BE-ginner, here are all the things you need to BE to have a great SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI.


BE Organised 

We have created all the different checklists you could need so there is no excuse not to be organised. Guys, we have a packing list for you, girls too. We’ve found all the best apps for SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI and even identified the essential beauty items too.

Being organised is actually key to having a relaxed and enjoyable SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI. We have all the logistics covered; the private charter transfers, the luxury buffet breakfasts, the world’s best parties and the luxurious resort to match!

You need to be organised enough to have your passport and travel insurance ready, and book a taxi to Auckland Airport.


BE Conscientious

Oooh big word, we make no apologies! Being a conscientious traveller is important wherever you go, but especially when travelling to SPRING BREAK Experience with a crew of 200 other people.

Look out for your fellow SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI crew. If someone has dropped a $20 from their back pocket, give it back. Someone lost a phone? Help them look for it.

This goes for the event staff too. Our event staff are totally kick ass and are going out of their way to help you wherever possible. Be polite and thankful, they’re job is to make sure you have a good time; they’re not your slaves.


BE Responsible 

Organised, conscientious, responsible. Probably doesn’t sound like a winning SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI combination but it really is. On your first SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI, it’s easy to feel like your sole objective is to get as smashed as possible. Sorry, but no!

Your job is to have a good time and be a part of other people’s good times too! Drinking responsibly is a vital component in the SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI engine. Don’t be the party chump folks!

Being responsible goes further than your own drinking too; think someone’s had a few too many, be a responsible SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI crew member and suggest that they take a little time-out.

See someone on the pull a bit too hard, looks like it’s getting creepy? Be a responsible SPRING BREAK Experiencer and report it to one of our staff, in confidence, and they’ll sort it from there.


BE Out There

Yes! You may be a rookie but there is no need to be shy! Be yourself, be the life and soul and be fun!

SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is all about making memories, partying hard and putting yourself out there! Try new things, be adventurous and be the life and soul of the party!

You know you want to!

You may be a BEginner but you’re gonna have the time of your life on SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI, we just know it!