The 15 Do’s & Don’ts of SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI

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SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI should be a laid-back affair, there are no fun police insisting on what you should go to have a good time. There are no chaperones telling you what you can’t do either.

To make sure everyone has the time of their lives on SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI there are a few rules you’d be right to take on board. By making the effort to adhere to the do’s and don’ts of SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI you can help us put on the party of the century!


DO hang out with your mates!
DO meet new people and introduce them to your existing friends on SPRING BREAK Experience.
DO drink responsibly.
DO party the night away.
DO buy travel insurance before you leave!
DO message your parents (it’s the decent thing to do…just once!).
DO be a good friend – if it’s time for your mate to quit while they’re ahead (as it were :P) help them get back to their room.
DO book on SPRING BREAK Experience with us!
DO keep hydrated throughout the day.
DO eat throughout the day!
DO try new things; kayaking, snorkelling or parasailing to name but a few!
DO bring a disposable camera – they’re just fun and no risk of losing your phone!
DO get active, don’t spend the whole time sunbathing!
DO be a good holiday house mate – always be a tidy kiwi!
DO be nice to our staff – they’re in for a good time too.

DON’T be the party chump.
DON’T get blind drunk.
DON’T lock yourself out of your room – unnecessary drama.
DON’T persist hitting on someone who is not interested.
DON’T post on social media when drunk – you’ll thank us later.
DON’T pack too much stuff.
DON’T lose your passport.
DON’T forget to turn up at Auckland Airport in plenty of time for your flight.
DON’T leave home without travel insurance – yes we know we said DO buy travel insurance but it’s super important.
DON’T get sunburnt.
DON’T ditch your mates and go MIA.
DON’T burnout on the first night.
DON’T use shit hashtags on Instagram – it’s just kinda annoying #SpraaaaaangBreak
DON’T trash your accommodation – you’re gonna want that $500 bond money back.
DON’T do anything illegal – you won’t be in front of the kiwi courts and there is very little we’re gonna do to bail you out!


This feels like quite a comprehensive list to be fair, we’re not really all that sorry about it though. Most of it is common sense, right?

Ultimately we want to make sure everyone is happy and safe during SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI, to let the good times roll and have the time of your life. We all know that it only takes one moron to ruin the whole party. To date, that has never happened on SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI. So let’s make a vow now, altogether, say this out loud;

‘I do solemnly swear that I will be a good SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Tripper, that I will certainly not be up to no good, and I will have the time of my life in the Pacific this Spring.’


Seems like a good promise to make!