13 Tips for a Rookie SPRING BREAK™ TRIPPER

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Spring Break™ Experience FIJI

Hey there Rookie, how you doin’?

We are buzzing to have you join us on SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI but you’ve gotta lot to learn baby! Well, not too much but if you’re down for having the time of your life you better get up to speed on how we do things around here!

So if you’re ready for sun, sea and partying like there’s no tomorrow it’s time to start zoning in and absorbing our top tips for the rookie SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Tripper


  1. There is no shame in drinking water. A rookie, rookie SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI error is to not get enough water throughout the week. Feeling a little parched? Skull some water, not a Steiny!


  1. Don’t go all out on the first night. We know it’s exciting and you’re buzzing your tits off to be partying in paradise, but paradise will still be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that….even the day after that! Calm the fuck down love!


  1. Take loads of photos! After all, if it’s not on Facebook it never happened! We don’t believe that but your grandchildren might not. In decades to come you wanna be able to sit your brood down and show them exactly what kind of badass Nana or Grandad you really were! We will have our film and photo team there to make sure your best moments are also shot!


  1. Get enough sleep. We think you’re gorgeous but you know that you don’t look your best if you don’t get your 40-winks.


  1. That said, one night make sure you stay up late (or early) enough to watch the sunrise. We all know watching the sunset in the Pacific is magical but how many of you have seen the sunrise over paradise…breathtaking. Thinking of hooking up at SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI? Watching the sunrise with your new found bae on the beach is the perfect first date!


  1. Check in with your parents. You may be buzzing for your first trip without them and they may tell you they’re glad to see the back of you for a week but deep down their baby is far far away…just drop ‘em a message.


  1. Let loose! Your first SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is all about letting your hair down and being the life and soul; play the fool, make a tit of yourself in all the right ways. It pays off to put effort into your fancy dress outfits. The more outrageous the better…go for it rookies!


  1. Not buying travel insurance. We’re sure you’re bored of us harping on about travel insurance now but this is this rookie error to end all rookie errors; get it booked up…now!


  1. Check the expiry date on your passport! Remember you need to have at least six months of validity left on your passport when you land in the Pacific. Weird rule, yes, but you gotta stick to it! Shit, it’s out of date! Off to the NZ Passport Office you go! 


  1. Ah yeah, so we said in tip 6 to message your parents, DON’T TEXT DRUNK! Especially to the ‘rents. Obviously, you’re going to be drinking responsibility so you’re always going to have your wits about you. A word from the wise, it’s never a good idea to FB Messenger your ex while you’re partying in a revealing toga in paradise.


  1. Slap on the sun cream. You can tell the rookie SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI Tripper a mile off…we’re kiwis, not bright red strawberries, agreed?


  1. Put your phone down – look up, look around, you’re in paradise baby! Nothing can be better than this!


  1. Book onto next year’s SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI as soon as you land…well, when we announce the dates! Start saving for sure!



Not a rookie? You’re in the wrong place love! Perhaps you’re a bit confused as to how to survive SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI though?

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