10 Best Spring Break Activities in Fiji

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Spring Break™ Experience FIJI

Did you know that there are over 300 Fijian islands?! That’s a lot of land mass to explore, countless beaches too! Although Spring Break is all about the party there is so much to do and so much to explore in Fiji.

Check out some of the best activities to do in Fiji during SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI;

1) Spectacular Sunsets
So, you know we mentioned the countless beaches? These are the perfect spots to watch the sunset; watch as the sky turns from blue to pink, to orange to black. Join with your crew on the sand and let nature do it’s thaang!

2) Watch the Sun Come Up
Legit! If you’re up partying all night why not plough on ’til morning and watch the sun appear from the horizon! There is something quite satisfying about seeing the sun set and rise again to mark the end of an epic sesh!

3) Get Scuba Diving
If you have a PADI open water diving certificate you can explore Fiji in a whole other way! There are over 44 dive sites that are within easy reach of our island. The Outpost, Jackie’s Reef and Fanny’s Reef (ha!) are all rich in marine life.

4) Swimming and Snorkelling
No need to get a panic on if you’re not a PADI diver! Take the easy option and don the really attractive snorkelling goggles and get spotting those colourful fish, perhaps get a glimpse of turtles too! Listen up, snorkelling is technically free; just place a $25 refundable deposit down if you are borrowing goggles and a snorkel.

5) Panoramic Views – Parasailing
One of our fav activities, don’t forget your GoPro! Parasailing is the activity of choice of our previous Spring Breakers! If you have an eagle eye you might just be able to spot turtles riding the waves back on earth! This is the best way to get a panoramic view of Fiji! Oh yeah, you can go tandem too! 😛

6) Coral Viewing in Glass Bottom Boat
If you don’t wanna get wet but still wanna see the awesome marine life that lives off the shores of Fiji then heading out on the glass bottom boat is the way to do it! Snorkelling is included too should you fancy a splish-splash! The tour leaders are great and we’ve never met guys who get so excited about marine life.

7) Go on a Seafari
If the glass bottom boat is pretty cool, the Seafari is super cool! This is a half day trip that offers you a chance to see more of Fiji without missing out on any of the party action! You get to meet the Village Chief and experience a traditional, authentic Kava ceremony. This is you chance to stock up on souvenirs too, you’ll wanna take a bit of this awesome country home with you!

8) Island Hopping
If you want to tick off as much of Fiji as possible the island hopping is the must do activity for you! Jump aboard Fiji’s only 2-deck boat and head over to Funky Fish Island, followed by Musket Cove and a few other tiddly islands along the way!

9) Cultural Show Experience
Fiji has such a deep and varied history and culture that you really should experience some of it before you leave. We want everyone to get a taste of authentic Fiji so we have arranged a cultural show for all to enjoy. Expect fire, tribal warrior songs and dancing too!

10) Spring Break!
Ummm, well, yeah! You gotta experience Spring Break! It’s what it’s all about!

Why not share this list with your Spring Break crew so you can plan your time in Fiji! If you need a hand getting to grips with how to budget check out our SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI spending money guide.