5 Top Tips to Help You Make the Most of Spring Break™ Experience FIJI

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Joining us on Spring Break means you’re ready for the time of your life! Time really does fly when you’re having fun and with only five short days in this incredible country you better make the most of every moment of SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI!

Here are our tops tips to help you make the most of SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI;


For goodness sake, put your phone down! Spring Break is just that, a break! A break from screens, a break from work emails and a break from your bestie’s relationship drama. Putting your phone down is one of the most satisfying parts of Spring Break and sure fire way to make sure you get some livin’ done!

Forget the Fashion

Ok, we did write you a packing list and a list of all the Spring Break fashion essentials but don’t get too hung up on what you’re wearing! Spring Break is all about chilling the fuck out and just being you! Ultimately, you’re never fully dressed without a smile and that’s all that counts!

Drink Up

We’ve defo harped on about this before but one definitive way to help you stay on the ball and in on the Spring Break action is to stay hydrated. Keeps your skin glowing and the hangover at bay meaning you can have a day jam packed full of activities rather than heaving your guts up…

Try the Lingo

Although SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is centered around our private charter island and island be sure to get out and about and say hi to the local people. This helps you have a really rounded and authentic Spring Break Experience in Fiji!

Click here to learn some Fijian words and phrases!

Just Be You

All we want is for you to be you! Spring Break is all about YOU having the time of YOUR life, let’s make it so!

If you wanna go parasailing but your crew don’t, do it anyway!

If you want an early night, you hit the hay!

If you wanna stay longer in Fiji (and who doesn’t!) that can be arranged! Check out our payment options to see how you can stay longer in Fiji, making your package a bit cheaper too!

These are just a few tips to help you make the most of your time in Fiji. We know you’ll be back for more next year, SPRING BREAK™ Experience FIJI is an art form that takes years to perfect…trust us!